Novatech Measurements Ltd

Loadcell Calibration and Repair

0.1N (10gf) to 2000kN (200tonnef)

Loadcell calibration equipment

Novatech Measurements can offer loadcell calibrations from 0.1N to 1000kN (10gf to 100tonnef) in compression and tension. Compression only calibrations are available to 2000kN (200tonnef). All calibrations are traceable to European standards. Some calibrations are possible at temperatures up to +250°C. The traceability of our force calibration rigs is supported by a twenty two page uncertainty evaluation. Calibrations are available in most standard force units.

All standard loadcell geometries can be handled by our calibration laboratory including donut, pancake, beam, load pin and loadlink. We can manufacture special load fittings in our own machine shop if these are required. We can calibrate amplifiers and loadmeters to the calibrated outputs from loadcells. If the instrumentation is not a model supplied by Novatech we will need an instruction manual and, if required, a pin number or passcode to allow calibration access.

Certificates are supplied with all calibrations detailing the results of the calibration. These provide a record for your quality system.

We can turn most calibrations around in a week. If you have problems with losing the equipment for this amount of time a faster turn around is possible if you pre book a date for the calibration. Talk to us, we are very flexible and will do our best to meet your requirements.

As a loadcell manufacturer we can repair most loadcells including loadcells made by other manufacturers if it is economically viable.
Please contact our sales department if you would like a quotation for your force calibration requirements.