Novatech Measurements Ltd

Loadcell Calibration and Repair

Calibration Standards

Novatech offers a superb value manufacturer´s calibration. Our experience of over 40 years of loadcell production has developed economic, practical and sound procedures broadly in line with European Standards.

During loadcell calibration, Novatech checks upon the same performance indicators we use for loadcell manufacture, determining whether the loadcell and calibration is fit for purpose; often an independent calibration house would produce, and certify, calibration data even if the loadcell is not operating to its specification and not fit for purpose.

Novatech´s calibration laboratory is not UKAS accredited due to the high number of loadcell models, their complexities and variations, and the simple fact that UKAS accreditation and procedures would not be in keeping with our competitive product and recalibration prices.

We do not have an equivalent to UKAS accreditation but do offer complete calibration traceability via our fully traceable calibration laboratory. Each calibration reference is carefully chosen to produce measurement uncertainties in keeping with our loadcell specifications with an industry practice betterment factor of 3 applied to these uncertainties. Our uncertainty evaluation document is available to back up our traceability statement that is found upon our sensor and sensor/instrument system calibration certificates. We offer calibrations at a fraction of the UKAS price but minimise the paperwork, ignore the plethora of European standard classifications of error bandwidth and concentrate on our popular loadcell product performance specification based upon simple straight-line mathematics. (See the Engineering section on our main website for engineering sheets that explain these simple concepts).

Novatech specialises in force measurement and we therefore only calibrate force or mass measurement systems here within our factory in the UK. We cannot offer calibrations suitable for `point of sale´ equipment such as counter scales or on-site calibrations.

The precision of our calibration techniques and excellent calibration references means that we can often offer a higher accuracy, that is a lower uncertainty, than many UKAS accredited calibrations.